Ever been on Jet Ski before? If you have, you know that they’re fast – like, really, really fast. If you’ve never been on a personal watercraft and are looking for some hints as to what you should wear, we at Port Richey Watersports  have got you covered – literally.

We mention that Jet Skis are really, really fast because your day out riding one is probably not the time to try out that loosely fitting pair of swim trunks or that skimpy new bikini. Some can reach speeds of 65 miles per hour, and while you’ve probably reached that speed while encased inside a motor vehicle, it’s another thing entirely to be completely exposed to the wind, flying spray and the water itself should you fall off the back – which almost always happens.

Another element to consider is the baking sun. You wouldn’t want to cut your excursion short because of severe sunburn, would you? Plus, don’t forget that it might take you a while to reach the shore again, depending on how far you’ve ventured.

So what should you wear considering all these things? First thing’s first: you’ll definitely need a life vest. They’re actually required, so this is one fashion accessory that you can’t skip. And although you may feel silly, a flotation device drastically increases your chances of survival should you be separated from your personal watercraft or be injured in any way.

Underneath the vest, there are many options that will help protect you from the sun and keep you warm when in the water,  Lightweight Lycra, nylon and polyester shirts are a great option – and they’ll also dry much more quickly than a normal bathing suit. Plus, if you do end up falling off, there’s much less potential for an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction!

If it’s a cool season and the waters are colder than normal, a wetsuit may be the best option to keep you warm. The spray from a moving jet ski can be surprisingly chilly, but wetsuits offer a thicker material to keep you comfortable whether in or on the water.

You may also want to wear a pair of water shoes in case you make a stop or to protect your feet when getting out of the water.

We provide all your needs with no charge to you–we provide you with life vests and sunscreen, free of charge! In addition, we also provide you with complementary hydration beverages, and we have sunglasses for loan, and or buy if you’d like to take home a piece of nostalgia with you as a remembrance of your awesome trip with us!

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